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Rosco Mascot Rosco

Wayne Cumming Runner Up Masters Singles 2014


Ross Brayshaw Nationals 2014

Peter Bowden

Peter Bowden Nationals 2013

Super 12

Super 12 Team 2012

Ladies quad 2012

Ladies Quad April 2012 They came so close to winning Well done Ladies. An enjoyable day

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The editor of this website makes no apologies for comments being made. The purpose of this website is not just to record results but to keep the members up to date with what is happening in the centre, and to offer suggestions to improve the centre.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are not necessarily those of the Roskill and Districts Indoor Bowling centre Executive. This site is not the property of the centre.

Updated: 22nd February 2015

Welcome to the unofficial Website of Roskill and surrounding Areas

Bookmark this site for the most up to date information on what is actually happening at the centre.
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Unofficial Roskill and Surrounds Website. Ladies Quad Sunday 19th April 9.30am in Hamilton.

Ladies Quadrangular. Auckland, Roskill and Districts, North Harbour an Waikato. Sunday 19th April 9.30am Duncan Rd Hamilton.

Roskill and Districts:

Team 1:
Marilyn Baskiville (Skip)
Daphne Paki
Leanne Hooper
Susan Heineke.

Team 2:
Glenys Fisher (Skip)
Edith Barnett
Phyllis Fox
Betty Cooper

Reserve: Anne Marchant

North Harbour:

Team 1.
Gayleen West (Skip)
Blanche Allport
Marj Andrew
Margaret Taylor

Team 2:
Sharon Peters
Ruth Jensen
Ellie Hoffman
Norma Whitehead

Reserve: Everlyn Smith


Team 1:
Maurren Pruden
Teri Anderson
Joy Archer

Team 2:
Linda McCurdy
Lesley Monk
Rochelle Hastie
Amber Nally


Maryann Tanfield.


Please take some time to look at this discussion document. Most centres in the greater Auckland Area are in trouble. Amagamation may be the answer. With existing centres as sub-centres still holding their own events. With Paterson. Junior Singles etc the winners of these could have a play off to decide the greate Auckland representative. Something similarhjappens in Zone 5 for the Paterson. Its time to step back and THINK ABOUT THE SPORT and not so much about but WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE IT THIS WAY. This way may lead to the sport DYING without some change. One centre within greater Auckland has 3 clubs an under 80 members some are dual members. Discussion Document and Affiliation



Federation AGM Minutes and December minutes: